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Unity Player.IO Framework

I’m currently using Player.IO which is an all in one service for my game www.ninjapvp.com ,  there is not too much people using it with unity because its easier to make multiplayer games with other options but the other options only offers multiplayer service and Player.IO its much more than only a multiplayer service, so thats why I decided to create a framework for player.io and unity to make games faster.

These are the current features so far:

- Real time player state synchronization (Dead Reckoning)

- Low bandwidth usage (so far 0.1 kb/s – 0.3 kb/s per player)

- Player Accounts (Login/Register/Recover Password / Facebook Login / Kongregate)

- Free and Paid currency system

- Friend list system

- Statistics GUI

- Shop system integrated with all providers here: http://playerio.com/documentation/payvault/provider/

- Semi-authoritative server (hp, stats, daynight time, damage is handled only by the server)

- Basic stats, damage calculation

- Server side skill system

- Skills, stats, player information etc.. is stored and loaded from database

- Server spawn objects, npcs etc

- Server side 24 day night cycle

- Easy to use Unity editor panel (see the picture below)

- Keep track of the version of your game everytime you make a build

- And much more…


I think this could be a good asset for the asset store, anyone interested?..  Suggestions/Price/Feedback are welcome

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