I'm currently dedicated to making games made with Unity and Flash. This is the place where I will showcase all my work, hope you find something you like.


NJG MiniMap it’s a easy to use, highly configureable World Map / MiniMap solution powered by NGUI.

You can easily create/generate any type of Minimap/World map you want without writing a line of code. Just add a class to your game object and it will be tracked by the system displaying an icon representing it.

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Web Player Demo


  • World map & mini map
  • Custom maps masks
  • Zoom Tweening (BounceIn, EaseOUT etc) NEW
  • Grab photos from editor and save it to create custom maps NEW
  • Tint map to any color
  • Easy to use (Drag and Drop)
  • Map icons/arrows editor
  • Direction Arrows
  • Zone editor
  • Customize icon color, size, sprite etc.
  • Animated Icons
  • Automatic texture generation
  • Or user created textures
  • Zoom Levels
  • Tooltips
  • 2D and 3D Rendering
  • Automatic bounds calculation
  • Free and Unity Pro
  • Well commented
  • Clean code – C#
  • Well optimized (2-4 Drawcalls)
  • Compatible with unity 3.x and 4.x
  • Web player, standalone, mobiles
  • Documentation included

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Android Demo:

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