I'm currently dedicated to making games made with Unity and Flash. This is the place where I will showcase all my work, hope you find something you like.


Beta Build 0.5.3 (233)

There is a new version of https://apps.facebook.com/infestedland/

Build 0.5.3 (233) Sep 28 2014:

- NEW: Added destructible/repairable doors
- NEW: Revamped magic chests
- NEW: Death players will be resurrected automatically when the current wave is finished
- FIX: Leaderboards are sorted properly now.
- FIX: You can finish a match and start a new one without issues
- FIX: Magic chest wont get stuck when you buy them anymore
- FIX: Fixed an issue with revive potions
- FIX: More networking fixes
- FIX: Lots of UI tweaks
- And many more changes check it out yourself

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